I love food! Who doesn't?

What started as--sad to say--an excessive amount of TV-watching evolved to a listing of restaurants and recommended meals on a simple word document.  That list soon migrated to a spreadsheet so I could find the restaurants for a specific city.  Eventually, that spreadsheet got unmanageable and again my "foodie list" evolved to my next endeavor...FoodiePie.com. DinerDriveInsDives.com is a subset of FoodiePie.com highlighting restaurants and foods from Triple-D with Guy Fieri.

Yelp! and TripAdvisor have been terrific in helping me find some great places to eat in my travels.  But the research and analysis took too much time and energy and honestly was sometimes overwhelming.  I wanted one resource that simplifies my restaurant choices and tells me what to get.  I think DinerDriveInsDives.com does that...it's for those who do not have much time to do the research but want to eat well.

DinerDriveInsDives.com is a single repository of my hours and hours of TV-watching and data collecting.  This database is mainly for myself.  But anyone who loves watching those travel/food shows can use it for his/her foodie adventure and tracking purposes as well as sharing experiences with others.  If you see any improvements/recommendations/errors/criticisms, please send me an email at support@dinersdriveinsdives.com...I welcome all feedback!