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    "Banh-Mi" Burger Bachi Burger (Las Vegas, NV)
    "Bawlmer" Crab Cakes Pineville Tavern (Pineville, PA)
    "Big Dog" Smoke Shack (San Antonio, TX)
    "Black Magic" (Seasoning) Marlowe's Ribs (Memphis, TN)
    "Don Quixote" Grilled Cheese Bistro (Norfolk, VA)
    "Hot Lap" Sandwich Pit Road Bar & Grill (Charlotte, NC)
    "Jack and Coke" Bread Pudding S.O.B. (South of Beale) (Memphis, TN)
    "Lamb-Strosity" Waddell's Pub and Grill (Spokane, WA)
    "The Albert" (Meatball Sub) Back Road Pizza (Santa Fe, NM)
    "The Castro" (Sandwich) Maiale (Wilmington, DE)
    "The Hangover" Grilled Cheese Bistro (Norfolk, VA)
    "The Heartbreaker" Umeke's Fishmarket Bar & Grill (Kailua-Kona, HI)
    "The Porker" Union Woodshop (Clarkston, MI)
    "The William Tell" (Crepe) Crepe Expectations (Las Vegas, NV)
    "Wicky-Wicky" Chicken Riggies Pastabilities (Syracuse, NY)
    109 Chestnut Chicken Sandwich Copper Penny (Wilmington, NC)
    3-Cheese Mac & Cheese Eveready Diner (Hyde Park, NY)
    Ackee and Saltfish Jamaicaway Restaurant & Catering (Nashville, TN)
    Adobe Buffalo Wings Senor Sisig (San Francisco, CA)
    Ahi Tuna Potstickers Bubba's Fine Diner (San Anselmo, CA)
    Al Pastor Tacos Andale Taqueria Y Mercado (Richfield, MN)
    Alabama Chicken Sandwich Roost Fried Chicken (Bozeman, MT)
    Aloo Pies Pam's Kitchen (Seattle, WA)
    Alu Dum Momo Ghar (Columbus, OH)
    Amarillo Burger Casino El Camino (Austin, TX)
    American Chop Suey Red Arrow Diner (Manchester, NH)
    Ancho Chili Honey Basted Quail Mac & Ernie's Roadside Eatery (Tarpley, TX)
    Andersonville Coffeecake Swedish Bakery (Chicago, IL)
    Ants On a Tree Blue Koi (Kansas City, MO)
    Apple Butter Sauce Cora Faye's Cafe (Aurora, CO)
    Apple Doughboy Folded Pizza Pie (Richland, WA)
    Apple Dumpling Smokey D's BBQ (Des Moines, IA)
    Apple Pecan Tamale Tamale Place (Indianapolis, IN)
    Arancine Di Pasquale's Italian Marketplace (Baltimore, MD)
    Arancini (Rice Balls) Sal's Gilbert Pizza (Gilbert, AZ)
    Arkansas BBQ Bologna Burger North Bar (North Little Rock, AR)
    Arroz Con Pollo Republica Empanada (Mesa, AZ)
    Asado con Palta y Cebolla Frita Mr & Mrs Bun (Miami, FL)
    Asian Braised Pork Cheeks Clementine (Baltimore, MD)
    Asian Inspired Beer Can Chicken Three's Bar & Grill (Kihei, HI)
      Total Recipes:  (1038 recipes)     1 2 3 4 5 ... 26