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Newest Episodes (Date Added)
 Chicken, Steak and Cake (5/20/22)
 Food Network Super Chefs (4/29/22)
 Pickin' Up and Chowin' Down (4/15/22)
 From Italian to Asian (3/25/22)
 From Appetizers to Dessert (3/11/22)
 Gettin' Funky in Flavortown (3/8/22)
 Meaty, Cheesy and Sweet (3/4/22)
 Asian and American (2/25/22)
 From Europe to Asia (1/28/22)
 Chicken 'Cross the Globe (12/17/21)
 Classic and Comfort (11/26/21)
 Tacos, Tots and Chops (11/19/21)
 Traditional Twists (11/5/21)
 Sandwiches and Spice (10/22/21)
 Meat and Heat (10/15/21)
 Regional Flavors (10/1/21)
 Domestic & Abroad (9/17/21)
 Cookin' from Scratch (9/3/21)
 Mouthwatering Meat (8/12/21)
 Taste of the Tropics (7/30/21)
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 Pig's Feet, Mojo and Chow-Chow (7/16/21)
 Pasta, Potatoes and Pescatarian (4/30/21)
 Alaskan Adventure (2/26/21)
 Rib-Stickers (2/12/21)
 Savory Meat and a Little Sweet (1/29/21)
 South Dakota Smorgasbord (1/1/21)
 Pierogis, Pork and Pizza (11/20/20)
 Chicken and Briskets (11/13/20)
 From Authentic to Inventive (10/30/20)
 From Vikings to Wings (10/16/20)
 Triple D Nation: Finger Lickin' Chicken (10/2/20)
 Chicken and Pie (9/18/20)
 Triple D Nation: Smothered and Covered (9/4/20)
 Filling Up on Philly (8/21/20)
 Flavortown International (7/10/20)
 Sicilian and Seafood (6/19/20)
 Hometown Inspiration (4/17/20)
 From Beef to Bao (4/3/20)
 Down-Home Flavor (3/20/20)
 Mom and Dad (3/6/20)
 Triple D Nation: Italian, Thai and Pie (2/28/20)
 Lots of Latin (2/21/20)
 Triple D Nation: Layered, Stuffed and Stacked (2/14/20)
 Savory with a Side of Sweet (2/7/20)
 Smokin' Hot BBQ (1/31/20)
 Triple D Nation: Meat Mashup (1/24/20)
 Meat Sampler (1/17/20)
 Off the Beaten Path (1/3/20)
 Creative Creations (12/27/19)
 Triple D Nation: Cultural Cookin' (12/13/19)
 Unique Eats (12/13/19)
 Family Meals (12/5/19)
 Guy's All-Star Guests (11/29/19)
 Cruisin' Capital Cities (11/22/19)
 Northern Southern (11/8/19)
 Eating Alaska (11/1/19)
 Triple D Nation: Fried, Baked and Barbecued (10/25/19)
 Bagels, Biscuit and Boar (10/11/19)
 Triple D Nation: Chili Three Ways (10/11/19)
 Pizza Plus (10/4/19)
 Triple D Nation: Something Sweet (9/27/19)
 Triple D Nation: Coastal Cuisine (9/20/19)
 Far-Flung Flavor (9/13/19)
 Full of Surprises (9/6/19)
 Triple D Nation: A Family Affair (8/30/19)
 Loaded, Stuffed and Fried (8/23/19)
 Spinning the Globe (8/2/19)
 Beef Bonanza (7/26/19)
 International Infusion (7/12/19)
 Crazy Chicken and Twisted Burgers (7/5/19)
 Standout Seafood (6/21/19)
 British, Hawaiian and Mexican (6/14/19)
 Sausage, Shawarma and Scaloppini (5/31/19)
 A World of Barbecue (5/24/19)
 Mega Meat and Sweet Treats (3/29/19)
 Southern to South American (3/8/19)
 Eating Up New Orleans (3/1/19)
 Sandwich Showcase (2/22/19)
 Whole Lotta Comfort (2/15/19)
 Handy Helpings (1/25/19)
 Cultural Twist (1/4/19)
 Piling On the Pork (12/28/18)
 Regional Recipes (12/14/18)
 From Sandwiches to Stroganoff (11/30/18)
 Burgers, Bacon and BBQ (11/23/18)
 Meaty Mashup (11/9/18)
 From Big Burgers to Little Italy (10/26/18)
 Pretzels, Pork and Paella (10/19/18)
 Triple D Nation: Wings 'n' Things (10/12/18)
 Triple D Nation: Around the World (10/5/18)
 Sandwiches, Southern and South of the Border (9/28/18)
 From Pork to Pasta (9/21/18)
 Triple D Nation: Meat Lovers (9/14/18)
 Culinary Journey (9/7/18)
 Far East Flavorfest (8/31/18)
 Triple D Nation: Surf and Turf (8/24/18)
 Tasty Traditions (8/10/18)
 Fusion of Flavors (8/3/18)
 On the Hook and In the Bun (7/27/18)
 Playin' Chicken (7/6/18)
Newest Restaurants Added
 Budare (San Juan)
 Double Dub's (Laramie, WY)
 Mason's Creamery (Cleveland)
 Chaatable (Nashville)
 Mabel's BBQ (Cleveland)
 Ray's Place (Anchorage)
 Alibi Wood Fire (Laramie, WY)
 Rowley Inn (Cleveland)
 Crowbar & Grill (Laramie, WY)
 Coda Bakery (Albuquerque)
 Originale (Anchorage)
 Tequila 61 (Anchorage)
 Sweet Melissa's (Laramie, WY)
 Born In A Barn (Laramie, WY)
 Frank's Famous Chicken & Waffle (Albuquerque)
 Tacoparty (Grand Junction, CO)
 Curry Fried Chicken (Salt Lake City)
 Guava Tree Cafe (Albuquerque)
 Waffles and Whatnot (Anchorage)
 Highlands Alehouse (Aspen, CO)
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 Santo Taco (Salt Lake City)
 Feisty Pint (Grand Junction)
 Fattoush Cafe (Nashville)
 Acre (Albuquerque)
 Haute Quarter Grill (Anchorage)
 J's Prairie Rose (Laramie)
 Kitsune ABQ (Albuquerque)
 Hickory House Ribs (Aspen)
 Seoul Casa (Anchorage)
 il Bistro Italiano (Grand Junction)
 Red Rock Deli (Albuquerque)
 Le Yellow Sub (Hilo)
 Castaway Waterfront Restaurant & Sushi Bar (Marathon)
 South Maui Fish Company (Kihei)
 Papito Moe's - West Jordan (West Jordan)
 Dump City Dumplings (Bend)
 Nicky's Coal Fired (Nashville)
 Riddim N' Spice (Nashville)
 Arempa's (Salt Lake City)
 Rockin' Dave's Bistro & Backstage Lounge (Bend)
 Mackinaws (Chehalis)
 Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails (Bend)
 Toasted Coconut (Houston)
 Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen (Draper)
 59er Diner (Leavenworth)
 Graze (Nashville)
 Soy Bistro (Brentwood)
 Pit Room (Houston)
 Once Upon A Thyme (Chehalis)
 Be More Pacific - Houston (Houston)
 Northwest Sausage & Deli (Centralia)
 Matteo's Osteria (Wailea)
 Cafe Pesto Hilo Bay (Hilo)
 Traveler's Table (Houston)
 Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill (West Palm Beach)
 Locale BBQ Post (Wilmington)
 Grand Ole Bbq Y Asado (San Diego)
 Tahiti Nui (Hanalei)
 Weights + Measures (Houston)
 Hilo Bay Cafe (Hilo)
 Fresco Cafe Italiano (Houston)
 Joey's Kitchen (Lahaina)
 Coolinary Cafe (Palm Beach Gardens)
 Irie Island Eats (Marathon)
 Sol Ave Kitchen (Moorhead)
 Lavelle's Bistro (Fairbanks)
 Daily Clean Food and Drink (Sioux Falls)
 Jazz Bistro (Fairbanks)
 Mein Diner Food Truck (Fairbanks)
 Salty's on Second (Fairbanks)
 Herbie's Bar and Chowder House (Marathon)
 Rustica Eatery & Tavern (Moorhead)
 Cholo Soy Cocina (West Palm Beach)
 Rulis' International Kitchen (El Paso)
 Kenji Burger (Kapaa)
 Banksia (Kansas City)
 Curry Pizza (West Valley City)
 Finns (Salt Lake City)
 Red's Chinese (New Orleans)
 Nichole's Fine Pastry & Cafe (Fargo)
 Hari Om Cuisine of India (Fairbanks)
 Look’s Marketplace (Harrisburg)
 Pelican Seafood Market & Grill (Ottawa)
 Pop's Market On Grace (Richmond)
 Butcher's Kitchen CHAR-B-QUE (Reno)
 O So Good (Garretson)
 Lalibela (Sioux Falls)
 Urban Chislic (Sioux Falls)
 Vinny's Bakery and Cafe (Pasco)
 Holy Roller (Austin)
 Blackbird Woodfire (Fargo)
 J28 Sandwich Bar (Hollywood)
 Mom Mom's Kitchen and Polish Food Cart (Philadelphia)
 Los Bocados (Parkland)
 Pounds (Fargo)
 Farmer's Keep (Philadelphia)
 SLAB BBQ & Beer (Austin)
 Woodrow's Sandwich Shop (Philadelphia)
 Guyutes (Oklahoma City)
 Chin's Kitchen (Portland)
Newest Recipes Added
 La Catira Arepa (Budare)
 Wings w/ Spicy Bleu #17 (Double Dub's)
 Raclette Ramen (Mason's Creamery)
 Coconut Pandan Ice Cream (Mason's Creamery)
 Puchka (Chaatable)
 Poppy Seed Coleslaw (Mabel's BBQ)
 Vietnamese Crepe (Ray's Place)
 Ruben Sandwich (Alibi Wood Fire)
 Bulgogi Fries (Crowbar & Grill)
 "Bun Dau Hu" Fried Tofu Noodle Bowl (Coda Bakery)
 "Il Diavolo" Sandwich (Originale)
 Empanada Dipping Sauce (Tequila 61)
 Chorizo Empanadas (Tequila 61)
 Lentil Loaf (Sweet Melissa's)
 "Popper" Burger (Born In A Barn)
 Mole Verde (Tacoparty)
 Bacon Pecan Waffles (Frank's Famous Chicken & Waffle)
 Samosas (Curry Fried Chicken)
 Garam Masala Chicken (Curry Fried Chicken)
 "Heaven" Waffle (Waffles and Whatnot)
[Expand List - Top 100]
 Arrachera Tacos (Highlands Alehouse)
 Hummus (Fattoush Cafe)
 Tacos de Birria con Consome (Santo Taco)
 Tacos Al Pastor (Santo Taco)
 "Tim's Roadkill" (Feisty Pint)
 Lamb Shank (Fattoush Cafe)
 Cauliflower Wings (Acre)
 "Meat(Less) Loaf" (Acre)
 Spicy Chicken Gnocchi (Haute Quarter Grill)
 Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (J's Prairie Rose)
 Pork Belly Rice Bowl (Kitsune ABQ)
 Smoked Chicken Wings (Hickory House Ribs)
 Hiyashi Chuka Ramen (Kobe Japanese Cuisine)
 Artichoke Parmesan Soup (il Bistro Italiano)
 Art Wiener Schnitzel (Red Rock Deli)
 Bun Spring Rolls (Le Yellow Sub)
 Lobster Enchiladas (Castaway Waterfront Restaurant & Sushi Bar)
 Half & Half Poke Bowl (South Maui Fish Company)
 Carne Frita Mofongo (Papito Moe's - West Jordan)
 Chinese Style Pork Dumpling (Dump City Dumplings)
 "Mama G's" Meatballs (Nicky's Coal Fired)
 Haitian Rice & Goat Stew (Riddim N' Spice)
 BBQ Jerk Jackfruit (Riddim N' Spice)
 Pulled Pork Patacon (Arempa's)
 Pabellon Arepa (Arempa's)
 Jalapeño Cheddar Bagel (Rockin' Dave's Bistro & Backstage Lounge)
 Southwestern Braised Rabbit w/ Black Beans & Fried Polenta (Mackinaws)
 Pakistani Oxtail Curry (Mackinaws)
 Barbecue Shrimp (Zydeco Kitchen & Cocktails)
 Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit (Toasted Coconut)
 Pork Dumplings (Toasted Coconut)
 Blackened Spiced Butter (Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen)
 Blackening Spice (Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen)
 Shrimp and Grits (Sauce Boss Southern Kitchen)
 Brown Gravy (59er Diner)
 Chorizo Burrito (Graze)
 Chik'n-Bacon-Ranch Club (Graze)
 Spicy Pork Bulgogi (Soy Bistro)
 Brisket Taco (Pit Room)
 Meatloaf Panini Sandwich (Once Upon A Thyme)
 Kare Kare (Be More Pacific - Houston)
 Hot Pastrami Sandwich (Northwest Sausage & Deli)
 Cuban Sandwich (Northwest Sausage & Deli)
 Lamb Brasato Ossobuco (Matteo's Osteria)
 Heritage Pork & Beef Bolognese (Cafe Pesto Hilo Bay)
 Caribbean Braised Oxtails (Traveler's Table)
 Crispy Pork Belly in Pasilla Sauce (Traveler's Table)
 BBQ Brisket Melt (Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill)
 "Churrasco" Steak Burger (Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill)
 Flour Tortillas (Grand Ole Bbq Y Asado)
 Smoked Tomato Salsa (Grand Ole Bbq Y Asado)
 Lamb Birria Broth (Grand Ole Bbq Y Asado)
 Corn Chip-Serrano Relish (Grand Ole Bbq Y Asado)
 Chorizo Queso (Grand Ole Bbq Y Asado)
 Chorizo (Grand Ole Bbq Y Asado)
 Roasted Carrot Pizza (Weights + Measures)
 Chicken Pot Pie (Hilo Bay Cafe)
 Spaghetti alla Carbonara (Fresco Cafe Italiano)
 Joey's Garlic Kauai Shrimp (Joey's Kitchen)
 Crispy Pata (Joey's Kitchen)
 Cornmeal Snapper w/ Chow Chow (Coolinary Cafe)
 Shrimp Escabeche (Coolinary Cafe)
 Pineapple Mojo Chicken (Irie Island Eats)
 Midwest Pork Belly Bipbimbop (Sol Ave Kitchen)
 Meatloaf (Lavelle's Bistro)
 "Jeb's No Bull Burger" (Daily Clean Food and Drink)
 "Mightiest Mac" (Daily Clean Food and Drink)
 Lechon Asado (Jazz Bistro)
 Kase Spatzle w/ Meat Sauce (Mein Diner Food Truck)
 Chicken Pot Pie (Salty's on Second)
 Chicken & Smashed Potato (Herbie's Bar and Chowder House)
 Fingerling Potato Poutine (Rustica Eatery & Tavern)
 Pasta Chorizo (Rustica Eatery & Tavern)
 Rock Shrimp Ceviche (Cholo Soy Cocina)
 Pasta Chihuahua (Rulis' International Kitchen)
 Misoyaki Fish Sandwich (Kenji Burger)
 Beef & Cheesy Potato Pie (Banksia)
 Jule Kake French Toast (Finns)
 Cheeseburger Fried Rice (Red's Chinese)
 General's Chicken (Red's Chinese)