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"Extra Helpings"

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Aired on: November 27, 2015 
Aired on: November 27, 2015 
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  • Wild Mushroom Cobbler
    best seller; appetizer: shitake, crimini & oyster mushrooms in a savory reduced cream, baked in the wood-fired oven w/ cheesy biscuit atop; looks good
  • Wood-Oven Roasted Oysters
    local kumamotos w/ a roasted onion & smoked chili beurre blanc; "some of the best oysters I've ever had" -Guy Fieri
4.5 out of 5
762 ratings
opened in 2010; specialize in brick oven pizza; Other Recipes: Roasted Onion & Smoked Chile Oyster Sauce
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(41 ratings)

13485 Reynolds St Map It!
Cable, WI 54821
(715) 798-5432
  • Lake Owen Panini
    turkey, Provolone, tomato, homemade walnut pesto, cheese spread & red onion on ciabatta; looks good
  • Creme Brulee French Toast
    bread dipped in hazelnut vanilla batter, crusted w/ toasted hazelnuts & pecans, topped w/ whipped cream, sauteed pear & caramel drizzle; looks good
  • Espresso BBQ Pulled Pork
    sandwich w/ pulled pork, homemade espresso BBQ sauce, slaw & served on toasted Kaiser bun; looks good
4.5 out of 5
41 ratings
est. 2005; located in the heart of the Chequamegon National Forest; open for breakfast & lunch only
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(1790 ratings)

629 Duval St Map It!
Key West, FL 33040
(305) 294-0102
  • Fried Shrimp
    local Key West "pinks" (shrimp); battered & made to order
  • Middle Neck Clams
    sauteed in garlic butter + jalapeno-steamed; served w/ garlic bread
4.5 out of 5
1790 ratings
opened in 2009; located in heart of tourist destination's Duvall St; "where Northern & Southern seafood meet" (from its website); Other Recipes: Clam Chowder
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(328 ratings)

131 Orchard St Map It!
New York, NY 10002
(212) 533-4684
  • Winter Pig Sandwich
    six point IPA braised pork belly, brown butter apple jam, pickled apples, cheddar, hydroponic mint; offered seasonally; looks good
  • Lamb Sandwich
    braised lamb, shredded, topped w/ tzatziki, feta, mint; looks good
4.0 out of 5
328 ratings
[CLOSED]; opened in 2013; innovative "farm-to-you" sandwiches 30-seat joint; menu changes w/ the seasons; Alex Guarnaschelli made guest appearance
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(1026 ratings)

277 E 10th St Map It!
New York, NY 10009
(212) 529-9702
  • Duck Confit Poutine
    pulled duck mixed w/ thickened duck au jus & topped over hand-cut fries & cheese curds; looks good
  • Sebastian's Steakhouse Burger
    70/30 freshly ground beef (fat from prime rib mixed w/ chuck); topped w/ caramelized onions, cheese; side of pickle & fries; "best hamburger in America"-Josh Ozersky (Guy's buddy & hamburger expert); available for lunch only; looks good!
  • Mexican Moules Frites
    spicy mussels & fries
4.0 out of 5
1026 ratings
#2 (Top 5 Restaurants-Best Burgers); owner/chef used to work in fine dining establishments & left to create foods he likes
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(725 ratings)

135 E Broadway Map It!
Jackson, WY 83001
(307) 732-1910
  • Pig Candy
    sweet, spicy candied bacon; can be shipped
  • Pork Neck Ragu
    served on housemade pappardelle pasta & topped w/ ricotta; looks good
  • Pork Ramen Noodle Bowl
    braised-then-grilled pork (shoulder & belly) in broth w/ housemade ramen; looks good
4.0 out of 5
725 ratings
since 2010; "Inspired Home Cooked Classics" in a historic 1910 log cabin; Other Recipes: Chile Verde
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(303 ratings)

409 Opera Aly Map It!
Eureka, CA 95501
(707) 443-4663
  • Pulled Pork
    Creole-based rub pork shoulder braised, then pulled & crusted on flat top; served on roll w/ BBQ sauce & slaw; looks good
  • Lamb Creole Kebob Plate
    char-grilled lamb kebobs, marinated in house marinade & served w/ grilled veggies, bright rice, roasted red pepper hummus & grilled flatbread; choice of Creole BBQ, creamy cucumber, remoulade or honey-tahini sauce
4.0 out of 5
303 ratings
[CLOSED]; est. 2008; mom-and-pop joint serving creole-Mediterranean fusion cuisine & using local & organic ingredients; Other Recipes: Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
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(987 ratings)

5110 E 2nd St Map It!
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 856-4000
  • Belly and Sucker
    pork belly & deep-fried octopus; "Outstanding!" -Guy Fieri; looks good
  • Pig Tails
    "pork chicken wings" w/ lime Hoisin, cilantro & roasted sesame; looks good
  • Short Rib Poutine
    braised short rib, hand cut fries, duck fat, & Wisconsin cheese curds; looks good
4.0 out of 5
987 ratings
[CLOSED]; opened in 2011; casual & friendly gastropub
  • Jerk Fried Chicken
    lightly floured, deep-fried boneless & skinless chicken covered w/ Jerk sauce, topped w/ caramelized banana
  • Shrimp & Crawfish Etoufee
    stew slow-cooked in cast iron w/ housemade roux trinity, shrimp, crawfish tail in green Creole sauce; served w/ Creole herb rice
3.5 out of 5
337 ratings
[CLOSED]; since 2003; Creole fusion cuisine
  • Margherita Pizza
    NY-style pizza w/ garlic cloves & garlic oil; "this is w/o question in the Top 5 best margherita pizzas I've ever had"-Guy Fieri; looks goodricotta base, mozzarella, fresh tomato, sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto, garlic & roman; looks good
  • Sicilian Pizza
    thick crust; rectangular shaped
3.5 out of 5
323 ratings
opened in 2005; Other Recipes: Paul's Godfather Pizza | Paul's Godfather Pizza
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(727 ratings)

3401 N Miami Ave Map It!
Miami, FL 33127
(305) 576-8096
  • Chunk'd Tots
    appetizer; spicy cheesey kalbi beef tater tots; looks good
  • Cracklin' Duck Sandwich
    sous vide-prepared duck (herbed & marinated duck is sealed in airtight plastic bag & slow-cooked in a hot water bath) & then dredged, deep-fried; served on potato roll w/ house-made Korean sauce; looks good
  • Pork Bao Buns
    8-hour roast pork w/ house-made sweet chili sauce, quick pickle; looks good
3.5 out of 5
727 ratings
Asian fusion soul food; two locations in Miami; Other Recipes: Korean Pulled Pork

"Extra Helpings"

  (11 restaurants)    
Aired on: November 27, 2015 
Aired on: November 27, 2015