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Miller's East Coast Deli: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Miller's East Coast Deli [CLOSED]See Miller's East Coast Deli Video ($$)
(1471 ratings)

1725 Polk St Map It!
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 563-3542
  • Old-Fashioned Chicken Noodle w/ Matzo Ball
    grandmother's recipe
  • Potato Latke Delight
    two crispy potato pancakes, topped w/ corned beef & pastrami & side of apple sauce & sour cream; proper way to eat is meat + potato + sour cream + apple sauce all in 1 bite; looks good
3.5 out of 5
1471 ratings
[CLOSED]; since 2001; east-coast deli atmosphere; another location in San Rafael
Mom's Tamales: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Mom's Tamales [CLOSED]See Mom's Tamales Video ($)
(260 ratings)

3328 Pasadena Ave Map It!
Los Angeles, CA 90031
(323) 226-9383
  • Chile Relleno
    roasted pepper stuffed w/ loads of cheese, battered w/ an airy egg coating, fried & topped w/ roasted tomato salsa
  • Spinach and Cheese Tamales
    family favorite; fresh spinach, stir fried together w/ tomato, onions & spices topped w/ monterey jack cheese
3.5 out of 5
260 ratings
[CLOSED]; opened in 2005; started on February 11, 2001 selling tamales out of the trunk of her 1979 Honda Prelude...eventually leading to the storefront opening 4 yrs later & now serving 1,500 tamales per week; cash only
Pablo's Tacos & Beer: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Pablo's Tacos & Beer ($$)
(125 ratings)

42425 Jackson St Map It!
Indio, CA 92203
(760) 619-2041
  • Quesabirrias
    tacos w/ homemade tortillas, cheese, stewed beef, onion, cilantro & au jus on side; looks good!
  • Tortas Ahogadas
    house beans, pork carnitas, homemade salsa, bolillo roll, topped w/ pickled onions & cilantro; looks good
3.5 out of 5
125 ratings
family-run restaurant & sports bar known for authentic Mexican cuisine & beer
  • "The Governator"
    inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's mother & made for Arnold when he came in; everything in the kitchen (onions, bacon, tomatoes, mushroom, sausage, ham, eggs) chopped & grilled
  • Dijon Plum Burger
    angus burger w/ plum jelly on hamburger bun
  • Rockefeller Burger
    angus burger w/ sour cream, jack cheese, mushrooms & caviar; "if you have to ask how much, you can't afford it" (on menu)
3.5 out of 5
563 ratings
est. 1973; once an abandoned red car passenger depot & then a hot dog stand now the entire buidling is painted bright mossy shamrock green w/ 1940's rustic decor & atmosphere; local favorite
Pier 23 Cafe: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Pier 23 CafeSee Pier 23 Cafe Video ($$)
(1863 ratings)

The Embarcadero Map It!
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 362-5125
  • Duck Poppers
    onion slice, jalapeno slice & spicy cream cheese mix wrapped in thinly sliced duck breasts & bacon, marinated & grilled; available only Thu-Sun (call in advance to check)
  • Fish Tacos
    grilled fish (depending on what fish is fresh) w/ roasted tomato salsa & tomatillo avocado sauce; looks good
  • Oven-Roasted Crab
    whole roasted Dungeness crab broken & sauteed in garlic, butter & herbs
3.5 out of 5
1863 ratings
since 1984; located right on the San Francisco bay w/ outdoor seating available on pier; known for fresh seafood, unique cocktails & live music daily; one of Guy Fieri's favorite hang out joints
  • Brick Roasted Chicken Pizza
    fan favorite; thin crust; shredded chicken, mozzarella, provolone, baby spinach and slow roasted garlic cloves
  • Cioppino
    San Francisco-style fish stew w/ crab legs, clams, mussels, bass and prawns, tomato, fish broth, red wine and herbs; served w/ sourdough bread; "one of the best (cioppinos in the country)"-Guy Fieri
  • Southern Style Biscuit & Gravy
    two eggs, homemade country sausage w/ a homemade buttermilk biscuit covered in white sausage gravy; looks good
3.5 out of 5
801 ratings
family-owned restaurant w/ a dining experience in a friendly casual atmosphere; custom-made oven is outside on trailer towed by a truck
Pyrenees Cafe: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Pyrenees CafeSee Pyrenees Cafe Video ($$)
(270 ratings)

601 Sumner St Map It!
Bakersfield, CA 93305
(661) 323-0053
3.5 out of 5
270 ratings
since 1901; local landmark serving Basque cuisine ("peasant food")
Q Restaurant and Wine Bar: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Q Restaurant and Wine Bar [CLOSED] ($$)
(1324 ratings)

225 Clement St Map It!
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 752-2298
  • Carne Adovada on a Fresh Telera Bun
    Albuquerque Style Pulled Pork
  • Duck Confit
    takes 3-4 days to prepare; looks good
3.5 out of 5
1324 ratings
[CLOSED]; "funky American comfort"; chef used to cook for P-Funk and Greatful Dead
Ramona Cafe: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Ramona CafeSee Ramona Cafe Video ($$)
(424 ratings)

628 Main St Map It!
Ramona, CA 92065
(760) 789-8656
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu
    deep fried
  • Chicken Fried Steak
    50-50 of ground beef and veal
  • Cinnamon Rolls
    made fresh everyday; large-sized
  • Kitchen Sink
    ham, bacon, cheese, bell peppers & tomato served in a piping-hot skillet
3.5 out of 5
424 ratings
Rawbar: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Rawbar ($$)
(328 ratings)

346 Broadway St Map It!
Chico, CA 95928
(530) 897-0626
  • Rawbar "Bibimbap"
    Korean Dish Of tender pork belly over a crispy rice cake & sauteed kimchi; topped w/ a fried egg & radish sprouts
  • Thoma Ka Thai Steamer Bowl
    clams, mussels, scallops, prawns in Thom Ka steamer broth, coconut milk; served over deep-fried noodles; "it's phenomenal!" -Guy Fieri; looks good
3.5 out of 5
328 ratings
est. 2001; serving sushi & Asian fusion cuisine in a fun, artistic, unconventional environment
Rick & Ann's Restaurant: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Rick & Ann's Restaurant ($$)
(967 ratings)

2922 Domingo Ave Map It!
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 649-8538
3.5 out of 5
967 ratings
Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe ($$)
(2237 ratings)

4081 Hollis St Map It!
Emeryville, CA 94608
(510) 594-1221
3.5 out of 5
2237 ratings
opened in 2002; crazy urban art deco decor (fun)
Schellville Grill: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Schellville Grill [CLOSED] ($$)
(514 ratings)

22900 Broadway Map It!
Sonoma, CA 95476
(707) 996-5151
  • Matty's Smoked Tri-Tip Sandwich
    smoked in 3 different woods; served hot w/ sauteed onions, mushrooms, garlic and cheddar cheese
  • Buckaroo Sandwich
    grilled and marinated Mexican Achote chicken heaped w/ grilled onions and mushrooms; served on a French roll w/ Chipotle sauce
  • Roman Style Lasagna
    hand-rolled organic pasta prepared w/ a creamy, roasted tomato and red onion bechamel sauce layered with house-made ragu, mushrooms, spinach, yellow squash zucchini, eggplant & parmesan cheese; served w/ mixed greens; looks good
3.5 out of 5
514 ratings
[CLOSED]; opened in 2002; creator of Matthew's Burritos which are sold in the West and Midwest; Other Recipes: BBQ Sauce
Schooner or Later: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Schooner or Later ($$)
(1960 ratings)

241 N Marina Dr Map It!
Long Beach, CA 90803
(562) 430-3495
  • Belgian Waffles
    topped w/ seasonal berries, banana, nuts, or apple cinnamon and whipped cream upon request
  • Schultzie's Mess
    blend of chopped ham, onion & bell pepper grilled w/ hash browns & eggs and topped with melted Cheddar cheese; served w/ sourdough toast; looks good
  • Club Sandwich
    triple decker sandwich w/ turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on sourdough
3.5 out of 5
1960 ratings
est. 1985; large outdoor seating available by the dock (great atmosphere) w/ dock parking for boats; serve "schooner" portion of beer (a large chalise-sized portion); local hangout; long lines
Simply Vietnam Express: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Simply Vietnam Express ($$)
(417 ratings)

3381 Cleveland Ave Map It!
Santa Rosa, CA 95403
(707) 544-4585
  • BBQ Pork Combo
    bbq pork, shrimp & crispy eggrolls; looks good
  • Beef Combination Pho
    choice of steak, meatball, brisket, flank steak, fatty brisket; looks good
3.5 out of 5
417 ratings
family-owned and operated joint in friendly, casual atmosphere setting; a Fieri family favorite
Squeeze Inn: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Squeeze Inn [CLOSED]See Squeeze Inn Video ($)
(1613 ratings)

5301 Power Inn Rd Map It!
Sacramento, CA 95820
(916) 386-8599
  • "Squeeze with Cheese"
    1/3 lb.beef burger with "skirt" of bubbling cheese topped w/ mayo, mustard, tomato, lettuce, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun; "5-napkin burger...messy, juicy and tasty"; looks good
3.5 out of 5
1613 ratings
[CLOSED]; #60-57 (101 More Amazing Places to Chowdown); serving for over 30 years; burger joint famous for it's huge burger and cheese "skirt"; voted "Best Dive" (Sacramento Magazine); called Squeeze Inn because original building had only 12 stools at the bar...new location can accommodate a few more
Studio Diner: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Studio DinerSee Studio Diner Video ($$)
(2052 ratings)

4701 Ruffin Rd Map It!
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 715-6400
  • Lobster Roll
    6 oz. of fresh Maine lobster w/ light mayo & celery; New England style, served on a grilled & buttered New England frank roll w/ Studio fries or coleslaw
  • Monte Cristo Sandwich
    battered & fried sandwich stuffed w/ turkey, ham, Swiss & cheddar cheeses w/ raspberry preserves
  • Samson's Steak Sandwich
    sliced & marinated prime rib sauteed w/ spinach, mushrooms, bean sprouts & onion; topped w/ mozzarella & served on a grilled roll
  • "The Gaucho" Steak Sandwich
    butterflied filet mignon tip on a torta roll; w/ chimichurri, chipotle cream, arugula & pickled onions; served w/ sweet potato fries
  • Lobster Pot Pie
    lobster bisque, peas, carrots, lobster claw & pie crust
  • Whole Belly Ipswich Clams
    deep fried & served w/ tartar sauce
3.5 out of 5
2052 ratings
neon-lighted diner w/ 1940s decor; "Do the time warp down Ruffin Road" (from its website)
Tee Off Bar & Grill: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Tee Off Bar & Grill [CLOSED]See Tee Off Bar & Grill Video ($$)
(539 ratings)

3129 Clement St Map It!
San Francisco, CA 94121
(415) 752-5439
  • Grilled Double Cut Pork Chop
    with achiote & apricot relish over garlic mash and deep fried sweet corn; "up there w/ some of the best chops I've ever had"-Guy Fieri; looks good
  • Paul's Crafty Mac & Cheese
    signature dish; blend of four cheeses with pancetta on ziti pasta; looks good
3.5 out of 5
539 ratings
[CLOSED]; "Five Star Dive Bar" (from website)
Wild Plum Cafe: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Wild Plum CafeSee Wild Plum Cafe Video ($$)
(1004 ratings)

731 Munras Ave Map It!
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 646-3109
  • Porchetta
    slow roasted pork belly filled w/ pork shoulder, fennel, onions & carrots
3.5 out of 5
1004 ratings
opened in 1999; urban bistro & social hub that provides fresh, organic, made-with-care food & a comfortable, hospitable atmosphere that fosters community discussion & vitality; everything made from scratch except ketchup & mustard; Other Recipes: Oxtail Soup
Willie Bird's Restaurant: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Willie Bird's Restaurant [CLOSED]See Willie Bird's Restaurant Video ($$)
(337 ratings)

1150 Santa Rosa Ave Map It!
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 542-0861
3.5 out of 5
337 ratings
  • Chimale
    Chinese-Mexican tamales filled w/ Kung Pao chicken or Chinese BBQ pork; includes a side of Chimale salsa made with crushed tomatoes; Guy got the Kung Pao chicken
  • Chinese BBQ Pork Taco
    most popular; come with onions, cilantro, salsa
3.0 out of 5
267 ratings
[CLOSED]; opened in 2009; taco truck serving "Chino-meets-Latino" fusion cuisine blends Chinese and Mexican flavors; location varies daily...go to their Twitter or Facebook page to find current location; Other Recipes: Kung Pao Chicken Tacos
Johnny Garlic's: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Johnny Garlic's [CLOSED]See Johnny Garlic's Video ($$)
(452 ratings)

1460 Farmers Ln Map It!
Santa Rosa, CA 95405
(707) 571-1800
  • Onion Tortilla Cake
    fan favorite; Guy Fieri mom's recipe; carmelized onion-mayo mix layered w/ tortillas (12 layers high), refrigerated, slice & grilled; served w/ side of camelized-onion mix; looks good
  • Sashimi Won Tacos
    cross between sushi & Mexican; raw sashimi-grade Ahi, mango Jicama salsa & Wasabi soy served in deep-fried wontons shaped as a taco shell; double-gold winner in Sonoma County Harvest Fair; "hands down one of my favorite appetizers here"-Guy Fieri; looks good
3.0 out of 5
452 ratings
[CLOSED]; opened in 1996; Guy Fieri's first-opened restaurant (Guy's parents mortgaged their house right before they were to retire to finance it); Other Recipes: Cedar Plank Salmon | Garlic & Rosemary Mashed Potatoes | Peppered Steak w/ Cabernet Balsamic Sauce | Tiramisu
Los Tapatios Restaurant: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Los Tapatios Restaurant [CLOSED] ($)
(7 ratings)

354 N White Rd Map It!
San Jose, CA 95127
(408) 729-6199
  • Burritto
    Guy got w/ carne asada
3.0 out of 5
7 ratings
Mad Greek: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Mad Greek ($$)
(2064 ratings)

72112 Baker Blvd Map It!
Baker, CA 92309
(760) 733-4354
  • Gyro
    lamb & beef
  • Spanakopita
    spinach pie: filling is chopped spinach, onions, feta cheese
3.0 out of 5
2064 ratings
middle of the desert between L.A. & Vegas; tacky "eccentric" decor; crowded
Mama Cozza's: View details, maps, videos, recommended foods
Mama Cozza'sSee Mama Cozza's Video ($$)
(964 ratings)

2170 W Ball Rd Map It!
Anaheim, CA 92804
(714) 635-0063
  • Mama's Special Pizza
    sausage, pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, onions
  • Chicken Pisano
    slices of grilled boneless chiken breast and sliced sausage w/ potatos and sliced peppers in gravy sauce
  • Pasta w/ Domery Sauce
    ground Italian sausage, chopped baby clams and extra garlic in tomato sauce served on any pasta you wish; make their own sausage; "might be one of the best plates I've had w/ red clam sauce...because of the sausage"-Guy Fieri; looks good
3.0 out of 5
964 ratings
since 1965; offer 20 homemade sauces
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